About us

The behavior management training provided to your attention by BehaviorManagementClass by its nature is a strictly educational program which should not be considered legal or medical advice, nor a therapy. The classes are written by instructors with significant experience and are designed to cover the national, state, court, judge, legal representative and employer’s standards.

The specialist who developed the content of our behavior modification class is member of number of organizations within the United States among which stand out The National Anger Management Association (NAMA), The National Association of Shoplifting and Theft Prevention Specialists (NASTAS) and The National Parent Instructor Association (NATPIA).

Also, the instructor of BehaviorModificationClass holds certifications in various fields. He is a certified anger management specialist (CAMS-I), certified domestic violence specialist (CDVS-I), certified shoplifting and theft awareness specialist (CSTAS) and a parenting instructor.

Finally, in case you need any information or help regarding this behavior modification course or its instructor, please feel free to contact us.

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