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BehaviorModificationClass provides convenient access to online behavioral modification courses tailored to equip individuals with effective strategies for fostering positive behavioral change. These educational programs may be required as mandated by the court, probation officers, employers, schools, or other relevant entities.

Our courses, with durations ranging from 4 to 52 hours/weeks, are carefully designed to align with national standards and meet the requirements of Canadian provinces and courts that allow distance learning. While we endeavor to ensure widespread recognition, we strongly encourage participants to verify the acceptance of our completion certificates in their specific province and territory. To obtain province-specific information on certificate acceptance, please select your home province and territory below.

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  • Accepted by institutions across all Canadian provinces and territories
  • The curriculum adheres with the national standards set out by Canadian educational authorities
  • The certificate is endorsed by relevant entities, enabling remote learning opportunities
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* All prices are in US dollars.

With a steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding courses throughout the US and Canada, we guarantee that your certificate will be recognized, or we will issue a full refund. Our courses are structured to cultivate unwavering confidence in their efficacy, ensuring that your accomplishments are acknowledged with the credibility they merit.


We stand behind our assertion of providing the most competitive prices in the industry through our unmatched Lowest Price Guarantee. If you come across a comparable behaviour modification course being offered at a lower price elsewhere, please reach out to us, and we will generously provide you with a 50% discount off the competitor's price.


At BehaviorModificationClass, honesty and transparency form the cornerstone of our values. We are committed to providing complete openness regarding pricing. In contrast to other companies, we do not add extra charges for essential items such as enrollment letters, completion certificates, or supplementary materials.

Are behavior modification classes available in all Canadian provinces?

Indeed, BehaviorModificationClass offers a comprehensive range of behavior modification programs across all provinces in Canada.

Do all provinces in Canada acknowledge this online course?

The completion certificate for the online course is accepted in nearly every province in Canada. However, we recommend confirming its acceptability in your specific province before registering for the course. © · 2024