Behavior Modification Classes Pricing

The completion of behavior modification training is most often mandated by a court, a judge, a probation or law enforcement officer, a legal representative, an employer or another entity. Traditionally, the organization or person on whose recommendation you enroll in a behavior management course has stated their specific requirements regarding the duration of the training. In order to cover your needs, we provide you with access to courses with continuity from 4 up to 52 hours or weeks.

We recommend our participants to enroll in a corrective thinking class with the duration prescribed or in a longer course. In case you take part in a shorter program, it is very likely that your certificate will not be accepted due to non-compliance with the previously pointed requirements.

The classes provided by BehaviorModificationClass come with the lowest price guarantee, have no hidden fees and are at affordable prices. Enroll in a behavior modification program today at prices starting from $24.99!

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